Thursday, December 18, 2014

Book Review: Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians

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Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians! Sounds incredibly ridiculous, doesn't it? Well, I can tell you right now that, although it may be a little (okay, a lot) ridiculous, this one is a must read.

Author: Brandon Sanderson

Genre: Fantasy (yes, yet another fantasy)

Summary: (from his website)

From the author of the Mistborn series and a master of contemporary fantasy comes a collection of his four-book Alcatraz series, the tale of a small group of freedom fighters operating against the cult of Evil Librarians.
On his 13th birthday, Alcatraz, a foster child, gets a bag of sand in the mail which purports to be his “inheritance” sent from his father and mother. The Librarians, of course, immediately steal the bag of sand from him. This sparks a chain of events which leads Alcatraz to realize that his family is part of a group of freedom fighters who resist the Evil Librarians—the secret cult who actually rule the world. Alcatraz’s grandfather shows up and tows him off to infiltrate the downtown library to steal back the mystical bag of sand. The ensuing story involves talking dinosaurs, sentient romance novels, and a dungeon-like labyrinth hiding beneath the innocent-looking downtown library. With a seductive mix of offbeat humor, high adventure, and endearing characterization, this is a fantasy that will appeal to all lovers of the fantastical.

For more summaries and info in the book, click HERE.

What I liked about it:

  • It's absolutely hilarious. Seriously--it's laugh out loud funny. Now that I think of it, it would make a fantastic read-aloud.
  • It's so outrageous it's awesome. If you're not ready for the truth (that the world is being ruled by evil librarians, that there are actually eleven continents, and that there are magical, lethal labyrinths under libraries), don't read this book.
  • It's brilliant. Somehow, Brandon makes evil librarians ruling the world look as if it could actually happen.
  • It's refreshing. Sometimes we need a break from serious, intellectual books. 

My Thoughts:
I admit it: I wasn't expecting for this book to turn out as it did. I had attempted to read the book almost a year ago, but I just couldn't get into it--little did I know it would become one of my favorites! The whole reason I adore this book is the humor. I can honestly say this is the funniest book I've ever read, and I definitely wouldn't recommend reading it in public for fear of bursting out laughing. Alcatraz's witty, pessimistic remarks are so depressing and sharp that they come out hysterical.

This witty, funny, fast-paced story may have had me unsure at first, but by the end I was rooting for Alcatraz and his rather unusual gang.

Happy Reading!

The Paige Turner

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  1. Sounds like a great book! I'll have to read it with Henry and Josh. Keep up the good work. When are you reading, "Grapes of Wrath"? :-)

  2. Such a great title! Can't wait to get a copy and enjoy the humor. Thanks for sharing this one.

  3. I hadn't heard of this one, but I will be sure to check it out. Thanks for the review.