Friday, April 24, 2015

Meeting Avi

Hello fellow book lovers!

Okay, that was weird. Whatever.

As you may have been able to tell from the title, I was actually able to meet Avi.

Now, for those of you who don't know, Avi is a very famous author who has written over 75 books and has received the Newbery medal for his novel, The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle.

While at his event, I purchased The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle and will most likely be doing a review on it in the near future.

I've read several of Avi's books, and we own plenty. It felt so good to be bringing him a won out copy to sign :P (nerdy issues.)


I didn't exactly know what to expect, because, first of all, the dude's name is Avi. Secondly, he just gives off an vibe. And I mean that in the best way, but ya know what I mean.

However, Avi wasn't weird at all. In fact, he was super easygoing and down to earth. When I arrived just before he began his talk, he was roaming around, sitting down next to kids and chatting with them.

Right when he began speaking, I noticed his voice. It was just so cool. Deep, kinda scratchy, and super calm. He was actually fighting bronchitis, but I swear it made his voice sound cooler.

I realize this is getting a little long, so here's just a brief overview of his talk:

  • Avi lives in the Colorado mountains, in a log cabin with no neighbors for miles. They also have no cell phones.
  • The reason everyone calls him Avi is because, when his twin sister first began to speak, that is what she called him. Now everyone--his wife, kids, and grandkids--call him Avi.
  • His writing assignments in school were given poor grades and were highly criticized, and he was often told that there was no way he could ever become a writer.
  • He said that being told he couldn't was what made him become a writer.
  • My favorite part was when Avi said that he writes reading, not writing. Also, he said that after he sends the book to the editor, it is no longer his. Rather, it is yours to read and to decide what you make of it. I just loved that!
I really enjoyed meeting Avi, as it was interesting to hear his views on writing, reading, and the like.

If you've read any of Avi's books, comment below and tell me which one! Also, any questions about Avi or my experience? Just ask, people! That's what I'm here for. Hopefully you guys found this (somewhat) interesting :).

Happy reading!



  1. Wow! That's so great that you got to meet him. I especially loved what he said about making "reading," not writing. One of my favorites is The Traitor's Gate, a sort of Dickensonian tale. He's so amazingly talented!

    1. Thanks, Jenni! Yes, I would agree :). I'll have to check that one out--he also has one called See You Later, Traitor.