Tuesday, December 2, 2014

LINK: Shannon Messenger

Hey! You came back!

If any of you have read Shannon Messenger's super amazing books, Keeper of the Lost Cities, you know that she is a totally incredible author.

Like, incredible.

I really get into her plotline, setting, and most of all: the characters. There are few series that have made me fall head over heels for the characters, and this is one of them. They make me laugh out loud, they keep me guessing, and they make me want to cry. Her plotline is complex and detailed, so I never know what's coming next. Hopefully I'll have time to put up some reviews for these awesome books later in the week. In the meantime.....

So, Shannon Messenger happens to have a blog, which I totally love. She does really cool giveaways (there's another coming up this week!), updates and teasers for upcoming releases, and MMGM links (Marvelous Middle Grade Monday). MMGM is where Shannon posts links to book review blog posts that adults and kids have sent in. It's a fun way to promote blogs and find some fun new books to read, so check it out next time you visit her site.

Also, Shannon recently announced that the 4th book of the Keeper series will be released in 2015. Here are the first three: Keeper of the Lost Cities, Exile, and Everblaze.

Once again, I'll most likely be doing reviews later in the week, so check back soon!

Click here to visit Shannon Messenger's blog.


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  2. I love reading Shannon Messenger's blog, but I have never looked at the MMGM links. I will totally have to check it out!