Monday, March 16, 2015

Apologies, Announcements, and a List

Hi Guys!

So, It's been....2 MONTHS, 6 DAYS, AND 10 HOURS since I last posted. That is so not okay for so many reasons.

But the past is in the past, and I'm back with more exciting nerdy nummies. Are you excited? 'Cause I am.


1. The first thing is that I promise not to desert you again. I will continue to blog faithfully!

2. Number two is that Shannon Messenger released the cover for her fourth KOTLC book, Neverseen! Yay! (In addition, I apologize for the typo in the 'KOTLC Title Reveal' post, in which I said that it was the cover reveal. It was not.) Check out the suspenseful, tantalizing, and very green cover below!


Awesome, right? Okay..ONWARD.

3. Okay, super excited about this one...
I may or may not have recently mentioned some guest writers who may or may not (okay fine, they will) be showcasing some very awesome book reviews on this very blog. Awesome, right!? So far, one has reported that their super epic pen name will be Booksnake (I feel the need to put that in green font), and the other will be awesomely dubbed Roses are Red (obviously, I feel the need to put this in red font).

4. Look to the right of your screen. You see that handy dandy little gadget labeled 'Reading Now'? Well, it tells you what book I'm reading. I will admit I'm not exceptionally good at keeping it updated, but I will try. Also, you can subscribe by email at the top of this very page.

A book review is coming soon, along with other cool stuff, as always (perhaps even a giveaway. I dunno.). 

Look for more posts this week! Happy reading!


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