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Book Review: The Silver Bowl

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Okay, so I have to admit: I LOVED this book. I'm a little disappointed it didn't walk into my life a little sooner, but now I've read it and I'm doing a review on it and so all is well. I need to stop rambling.


This week I am reviewing: The Silver Bowl. A very interesting title, I know. A picture if you will:

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The story presented a fresh twist on medieval kings, curses, and mythical creatures. It was somehow able to incorporate all this while still being down to earth and real. The story is really sad, but worth it. I really loved the characters, as they were a mix of people who nobody had ever wanted, had been wanted at some point, were wanted and loved right then, and who were so famous everybody wanted them. The story was touching, exciting, sad, and always kept you guessing. I really did enjoy it.

Summary (from cover): Unwanted at home, Molly goes to work for the king of Westria as a humble scullery maid. She arrives at the castle with no education, no manners, and a very disturbing secret: She sees visions, and those visions always come true.

One day, while she’s working in the king’s great hall, young Prince Alaric passes by. Molly finds him unbearably handsome—but also unbearably rude. But what does it really matter? She’ll probably never see him again.

In time Molly is promoted to polishing silver and is given a priceless royal treasure to work on: the king’s great ceremonial hand basin. But there’s something odd about it. The silver warms to her touch, a voice commands her to watch and listen, and then the visions appear. They tell the story of a dreaded curse that has stalked the royal family for years. There have already been deaths; soon there will be more.

As tragedy after tragedy strikes the royal family, Molly can’t help but wonder: Will the beautiful Alaric be next? Together with her friends Tobias and Winifred, Molly must protect the prince and destroy the curse. Could a less likely champion be found to save the kingdom of Westria?

Why I read this book: I actually saw the second and third books on the shelf at the library, and I decided I needed to read the first one because the covers were SO COOL!! Check em' out:

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Okay. Moving on....

Five reasons to love this book:

  • The plot. Written over a couple years, the plot was super well done. It flowed pretty smoothly and kept you guessing. I also loved how there were flashbacks where she went back in time and watched scenes from the past.
  • The intensity level. I know this sounds weird, but it handled the graphic fighting and injuries in a realistic yet age-appropriate way.
  • The creativity. I find it very hard not to spoil stuff in times like these. But when you do read it, please appreciate when they go inside the bowl!!! That was just way too awesome. 
  • The characters. I mentioned it above: they're all pretty much a bunch of misfits, but they're so awesome. They're kinda funny, too.
  • There's more. Don't ya just love when you finish an awesome book and you're just like, "Wait...there's two more of them!?" This is what I'm experiencing right now, y'all. Can't wait. 

This was a pretty fantabolous book. I give it 7 1/2 out of 10 stars.

You'll like this book if you enjoy medieval fiction, fantasy, or interesting plotlines.

Thanks for reading! See ya next time,


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  1. Glad you loved it! Sounds really interesting!

  2. I'd never heard of it. Thanks for the recommendation! It sounds like something I'd like.

  3. I read this one a few years and absolutely loved it. Stanley is such a gifted writer. Another one I really enjoyed by her is BELLA AT MIDNIGHT.

  4. Will add to my TBR list! Isn't she just?

  5. Even though I've heard of this book (and I remember selling it at the bookstore where I used to work), I'm ashamed to admit I've never read it. Sounds very cool, though.

  6. Thanks! Yeah, I was surprised I'd never heard of it, but now I'm excited to read all of her other books!

  7. This one sounds like fun. I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the review.