Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Nerdy Stuff :P

Hey Guys,

Quick post.

So, I found these little animal friends that you can basically put on your blog for people to feed and stuff....

And so, you know me, I took a lot of animal friends.


So, now I have fish on my sidebar and fish, frogs, a dog and a hamster at the bottom of the page!

Yep. I went a little overboard. But it's okay!

So have fun feeding the animals! (Oh...and I included a hamster at the bottom of this post. Just cuz.)

Wanna get some of these animals friends for yoself?? Click HERE.

Also, I recently got Google+, so follow me on there!

Happy Reading!



  1. That's cute, Paige. And I just looked at your "Paige's Picks" page and some of your favorite books are also my favorite books!

  2. Oh, Princess Academy is one of my all-time favorites! And The Giver. And Ella Enchanted. And I like many of the other books too, including the Matched trilogy and The False Prince trilogy (although I haven't read the third one yet).

  3. Princesss Academy has been one of my favorites since I was really little :). Have you read the second and third ones? I was able to meet Shannon Hale and it was amazing :). So glad to hear you like those!

    1. I read the second Princess Academy book and enjoyed it but haven't had a chance to read book 3 yet. That's cool that you got to meet Shannon Hale!